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Brain Injury Attorneys in Denver

Denver Personal Injury Lawyers With a Focus On Traumatic Brain Injury

The Denver, Colorado personal injury law firm of Fuicelli & Lee, PC, provides experienced legal representation for brain injury victims and their families. We are skilled at addressing the immediate and lifelong needs of clients suffering from life-changing injuries, including:

  • Brain damage, traumatic brain injury, and severe head trauma
  • Spinal cord injury resulting in paralysis, paraplegia, quadriplegia or chronic neurogenic pain
  • Amputation of an arm or leg resulting in permanent disability
  • Serious or total vision loss or hearing impairment

Our dedicated Denver brain injury lawyers understand both the personal challenges and legal complexities involved in seeking full and fair recovery from a serious injury caused by another’s negligence. Please contact our offices today to receive a free case evaluation. You pay nothing unless you receive a financial settlement or award.

A Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney in Denver with the Personal Experience that Makes a Difference

Several years ago, a Colorado brain injury attorney at our firm, Keith Fuicelli was involved in a serious accident. Keith remained in the hospital for two months, recovering and rehabilitating from his injuries. His personal understanding of the struggle to achieve full recovery, combined with the firm’s extensive trial experience, gives Fuicelli & Lee, PC a valuable perspective when handling these cases for our clients.

We offer an unparalleled dedication and the exceptional ability to provide high-quality legal representation with personal service to victims of traumatic brain injury and their families in Colorado.

Brain Injury Video

To discuss your case with an experienced Colorado personal injury trial lawyer, who personally understands the devastating and life-changing consequences of brain injury, spinal cord injury, amputation or any other life-changing injury, please contact us today for a free consultation and case evaluation.