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Denver Automobile Accident Attorneys

Why You Need A Denver Auto Accident Lawyer On Your Side

When you or a loved one is injured in an automobile accident, compensation is the least of your immediate worries. In the days that follow, however, lost wages, difficult insurance claims, medical bills and other concerns can bombard you with problems. At Fuicelli & Lee, PC, we’re here to take these burdens off your shoulders. Each Denver accident lawyer in our firm is highly skilled in automobile cases and can provide you the information and representation you need.

The personal injury law firm of Fuicelli & Lee, PC represents car accident and injury victims in the Denver metro area, Colorado Springs and throughout communities statewide. We will step in immediately following your car accident to protect your right to seek full and fair recovery for your injury or the loss of a loved one. Having a skilled Denver accident attorney working on your behalf can give you the peace of mind to focus on what really matters at this time – healing.

Trial Experience Matters In Auto Accident Claims

The Denver accident attorneys at Fuicelli & Lee have more than 150 trials to their credit. This means we are completely prepared to fight for fair compensation at every stage of the legal process, up to and including trial cases. The insurance companies and the lawyers representing the at-fault party will know that the Denver accident lawyers at Fuicelli & Lee, PC are determined to prevail as your legal representative.

To receive a free case evaluation, please contact our Denver offices today.

Why Hire A Skilled Denver Personal Injury Lawyer In An Auto Accident Case?

If you or a loved one has been injured or killed as a result of a car accident caused by a negligent driver, contact the Denver personal injury lawyers at Fuicelli & Lee, PC immediately. It is crucial to consult a skilled and experienced attorney who can provide you with a reliable assessment of your case. It is equally important that we protect you from lawyers and insurance adjusters seeking to minimize your recovery.

Early Decisions Affect Your Long-Term Recovery

Top 5 Alcohol-Related Traffic Fatalities By Holiday From The Tafoya Law Firm

(This graphic used with permission from Denver criminal defense attorney Alaurice Tafoya-Modi.)

The steps you take after your automobile accident injury can dramatically affect the outcome of your personal injury claim. The way in which you seek treatment, deal with insurance and simply speak about your situation can be used against you. Now is the time to seek legal representation. You need a Denver car accident lawyer working on your side. Everything you say to your doctor or insurance company adjuster can be used as evidence to either prove or challenge the legitimacy of your claim. Please take a moment and contact a Denver auto accident lawyer at Fuicelli & Lee, PC to discuss your personal injury and receive a free initial consultation. The Denver car accident lawyers at Fuicelli & Lee will stand by your side throughout the process and work tirelessly to protect your rights.

When you need a Denver auto accident attorney, we are here to assist. We can guide you from the start, helping to ensure that you receive the quality medical care you deserve. We will help you maximize your ability to seek compensation for your medical bills and the long-term consequences of a serious car collision injury.

Contact us today for a free consultation with an experienced Denver accident lawyer and personal injury trial attorney. You pay nothing unless you receive a financial settlement or award.