FAQs: The Importance Of Photos After an Accident

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Video Transcript: You might be wondering what MedPay is. Well, MedPay is short for Medical Payments Coverage. And in Colorado, automobile insurance companies are required to offer you Medical Payments Coverage. And if you have it, it's great news. First of all, that coverage pays first - before health insurance, before anything else. And you do not need to repay that coverage once your case is done. So one of the very first things that we do whenever someone comes to visit us is find out whether or not they have MedPay coverage. My name is Keith Fuicelli. If you've got questions and want to know if you have MedPay coverage, give us a call. We're happy to help. 303-355-7202 or visit us online at www.coloradoinjurylaw.com.

Video Transcript: Sometimes people ask me what a premises liability claim is. And really all that that means is it's a claim that happens at a place. So a slip and fall, it can be an assault. Basically it's a claim where you're saying that the land owner or whoever was in control of the property did something wrong and resulted in someone being hurt. My name is Keith Fuicelli, and I'm here to help. If you think that you might have a claim or a loved one might have a claim that involves an injury on the property of another, give us a call. There can be very strict time limits that apply to these cla6ims. Call Fuicelli & Lee. 303-355-7202 or visit us online at www.coloradoinjurylaw.com.

Sometimes I'm asked, what qualifies as a personal injury claim? Well, the first thing is, you do have to be hurt, so those are called damages, and harms and losses. The second piece of that puzzle is, someone had to have done something wrong. That's the negligence piece. If you have those two things, then you may have a personal injury claim. If you've got questions, call me. My name's Keith Fuicelli and I'm here to help. 303-355-7202. Or visit us online, at coloradoinjurylaw.com.

TRANSCRIPT: One of the questions I'm asked most frequently following an accident is who pays for my medical bills? And people often think that the other side's insurance company is going to pay for all my medical expenses. Well, it's not exactly true. And if they do pay, they usually don't pay until the very end when you wrap up your case and settle. So if you've been injured and you need medical care, give us a call and let us help direct you through the process. My name is Keith Fuicelli and I'm here to help. Our phone number is 303-355-7202, or visit us online at www.coloradoinjurylaw.com.