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Wrongful Death Lawsuits

Denver Personal Injury Attorneys For Fatal Accidents And Wrongful Death Lawsuits

When a loved one dies through the negligence of others, survivors may be entitled to compensation under the law. Burial expenses, lost wages and other forms of compensation are provided for under the law. At Fuicelli & Lee, we are here to assist survivors in receiving the settlements they need to lessen financial burdens following a fatal accident or wrongful death. Each Denver accident lawyer on our team is here to fight so survivors obtain the financial support they are entitled to.



What justifies a wrongful death claim?

Wrongful Death Video
 The term “wrongful death” is defined as “a death occurring as a result of another’s negligence.” When a case like this is presented, a Denver accident attorney on our team can help survivors prepare a claim.

To seek redress, a claim is brought in a civil action, usually by close relatives. The Denver accident attorneys and wrongful death experts at Fuicelli & Lee have the experience clients need to see a case like this through to fruition. Our Denver wrongful death lawyers also have extensive trial experience to help you. Each Denver personal injury lawyer in our firm is skilled in representing clients seeking full and fair compensation for the death of a family member due to another’s negligence, carelessness or wrongful acts.

Our Denver personal injury lawyers and wrongful death experts have the legal skill and litigation experience in wrongful death lawsuits to pursue the maximum compensation you are due. Whether the accident was the result of a negligent driver, a local company or even a major manufacturer, we are here to represent you and your family. Please contact us today to receive your free case evaluation. Each Denver car accident lawyer and wrongful death expert on our team is prepared to assist survivors as they navigate the legal system.

Why trial experience matters in wrongful death cases?

There are serious and life-changing consequences for both parties involved in a wrongful death lawsuit. The plaintiff has obviously lost a beloved family member. The defendant likely understands the profound personal and financial consequences of being found legally liable for another person’s wrongful death. They will often do whatever it takes to avoid responsibility for their negligence. This means that the defendant is less likely to offer a fair settlement out of court, making it crucial to have a Denver auto accident lawyer and wrongful death expert working on your behalf.

It is vital for you and your family to contact an experienced trial attorney immediately. The wrongful death and Denver car accident attorneys at Fuicelli & Lee, PC will hold the guilty parties accountable for the unbelievable damage their negligence has caused to your family. We approach these cases with incomparable determination to provide our best service and support throughout the process. From the initial investigation through the trial, we will work diligently to obtain the full and fair compensation you deserve for your loss.

Please contact our offices in Denver today for a free case evaluation. A Denver accident attorney and wrongful death expert from our team will review your situation and help you explore your legal options. There are no fees unless you receive a financial settlement or award for your wrongful death claim.