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I cannot express how thankful I am with Lori, Keith, and the entire team at Fuicelli & Lee. Not only are they professional but very responsive. They really fight for you and treat you like family. Thank you so much!

Susy - Google Review

Krislene and Adam were professional and compassionate. They were responsive to my questions no matter how small. They care about you as a person, you're not just another "case". Thank you both for all of your help and kindness!

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Your Colorado
Wildfire Compensation Attorneys

Were you affected by the Marshall Fire? Insurance will only take you so far – Fuicelli & Lee will fight to obtain full, fair, and complete compensation for all of your losses.

The Marshall Fire destroyed hundreds of homes as it raced across Boulder County, quickly becoming Colorado’s most destructive fire in terms of buildings destroyed. Despite having home insurance, many families are left with damages that were not (and will not) be reimbursed. Many homeowners were underinsured, leaving a gap between what insurance will pay and what their home was truly worth. Even if fully insured, insurance does not cover all losses that homeowners have experienced.

There are four primary types of damages that Boulder County homeowners may be left with after insurance reimbursement:

  1. Real property – restoration, construction, and outbuildings
  2. Personal property – personal items, cherished possessions
  3. Trees & vegetation – landscaping, erosion, trees
  4. Business losses – lost income and materials, future earnings
At Fuicelli & Lee P.C., we can help find answers to your questions, protect your rights, and secure the compensation you need to recover... Keith Fuicelli

Get the Recovery You Need

We can help if…

  • You were forced to evacuate the area
  • You could not access or live in your home for a period of time during and after the fire
  • You were underinsured and your insurance policy will not cover all of your damages
  • You were fully insured
  • Your insurance company has told you they will not pay for all your damages


We are terribly sorry that you were affected by the Marshall Fire – our hearts go out to you and your family as you continue to recover from the experience. We would be honored to help. Contact us today at 303-355-7202 for a free consultation with an attorney to discuss your losses and how Fuicelli & Lee can help you obtain the remaining compensation you may be entitled to.

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While working to provide strong and effective representation in court, we also pay close attention to our clients’ individual needs. In your case, whether it is settled out of the courtroom or we take it to trial, we will be with you throughout all steps of the legal process.

The firm was founded by Keith Fuicelli & John Lee, two distinguished personal injury lawyers who maintain a shared foundation of honesty, hard work, and fearlessness. After seeing too many cases where people were injured from the negligence of others and intimidated into settling for less than they deserved, the two partners started the firm with the core principle of striving to protect and fight for their clients’ rights, while also ensuring that they got the verdict or settlement they rightfully deserve.

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