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Attorney Jessica 'Jess' Cash

Jessica “Jess” Cash enthusiastically joined the team of Fuicelli & Lee as an associate attorney in November 2011. She was promoted to partner in February 2018.

Jess leads the staff of our Longmont personal injury law office and also assists clients at the Denver office.

After being admitted to the Colorado Bar in the Spring of 2001, she began her legal career as a Deputy District Attorney for Jefferson County, Colorado, prosecuting individuals for misdemeanor and felony crimes. She enjoyed her six years as a prosecutor and took more than 50 cases to trial during that time. Jess finds it gratifying to once again have the opportunity to work in a field of law where she can dedicate her time to helping people.

Individual Perspective

Along with Keith Fuicelli, Jess Cash also brings a unique and personal perspective to her personal injury cases. A couple of years after the birth of her first child, doctors determined through a brain MRI that her son was born with a mild case of a rare metabolic disorder. While still struggling to understand this diagnosis, Jess’ mom unexpectedly and tragically died at the young age of 50.

Soon after that, Jess resigned from the DA’s office to focus her attention on her son’s needs and therapy. While there is no cure for her son's brain condition, he is now 16 and doing well thanks to many hours of hard work, early intervention and great therapists. Along with her son, Jess also has a young daughter who is 14. This experience with her family gave Jess a first-hand view on how an unexpected medical issue of any kind can take its toll not only on the individual but also all family members.

Jess states, “I would say that the one thing people most take for granted is their good health and that of their loved ones.”

She can also strongly empathize with anyone who has unexpectedly lost a loved one, saying, “You wake up one day and they are here and healthy. The next day, they are gone, and you never got to say goodbye. It is one of the hardest and most painful things I have ever dealt with.”

Amazing through every step of the process. Would definitely recommend to anyone who is looking for a law firm who has their best interest in mind the entire time. Jess Cash is a badass! Thank you so much! - Evonique

Roots in Boulder County and Longmont

Jess was raised in the beautiful city of Boulder after her family moved from Queens, New York in 1989 when she was 13 years old. She is a proud graduate of Boulder High School and enjoyed growing up just a few blocks from Chautauqua Park, which caused her to fall in love with hiking and the Colorado mountains. Jess and her family reside a mile outside Longmont in unincorporated Boulder County.


Jess obtained her law degree in December 2000 from the University of Denver, College of Law, and her Bachelors of Arts from the University of Colorado at Boulder in June 1998. She specifically chose to go to law school to pursue a career as a prosecutor because of a strong internal desire to seek justice for victims of crime.


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