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Settlement for a pedestrian who was injured by a bicyclist in Boulder. (2016)
Jury Verdict for a client injured in a car accident (2017)
Paul H. was driving his car in when someone turned left for no apparent reason and side-swiped his car. Unfortunately, the car hit Paul right in the driver’s door. Ultimately he needed surgery to help fix disc problems in his lower back. In fact, he actually had stem cells injected into his lower back. This was one of the first uses of stem cells in this kind of procedure in the country. After several months of litigation, Fuicelli & Lee, P.C. settled the case for the at-fault driver’s policy limits of $250,000.00.
Keith recently obtained a winning verdict in Adams County in a case involving a pit-bull attack. Client Suzanna, R. was walking her two month old puppy in her back yard when a pit bull jumped over the fence and attacked her, biting her in the face. The firm filed suit against the landlord of the property for allowing the pit-bull to live in this densely populated residential neighborhood. After hearing all the evidence, the firm obtained a verdict which came close to $245,000 including interest and costs.


On June 8, 2008, Kris K. was driving his car when he was struck from behind by a drunk driver driving approximately 90 miles an hour. Due to this crash, Kris suffered significant injuries to his back. After investigating the accident, the lawyers at Fuicelli & Lee, P.C. determined there were two insurance policies that would provide coverage for the drunk driver. Faced with the serious injuries to the client, coupled with the aggravated liability of the crash, both insurance companies agree to pay their policy limits for a total of $125,000.
In April of 2012, Keith Fuicelli obtained an award for injuries a client sustained in a motor vehicle crash that, with interest, exceeds two million dollars. While the award itself is quite substantial, the more surprising fact is that American Family Insurance (the client’s own insurance company) originally valued the claim at only $100,000. After presenting the client’s damages during a binding arbitration proceeding, the judge agreed with Mr. Fuicelli that the client’s damages far exceeded the one million dollars in available coverage.
Deb C. worked hard her entire life and finally purchased what for her was one of her dreams, a second mountain home in the mountains. The property was a fixer-upper and Deb. C. poured her blood, sweat and tears into the property. After more than a year fixing the place up, it was finally something she was immensely proud of. Then one day she returned to the home and could not believe her eyes. There was water everywhere and her home was trashed! A short investigation revealed the culprit; a toilet supply line had fractured due to a manufacturing defect. Deb. C’s insurance company spent well over $100,000.00 to repair her home. As you can imagine, there were still many expenses her insurance company did not cover. For example, she was entitled to compensation for the “loss of use” in her property. Fuicelli & Lee, P.C. tried unsuccessfully to get the manufacturer to the toilet supply line to cover these expenses. Ultimately, after suit was filed, the manufacturer (Masco Corporation) agreed to pay $45,000.00 to cover Deb C.’s additional losses.
Settlement for a client injured by a tired driver who fell asleep behind the wheel. (2018)
You can learn as much about an attorney from the way he handles lower value cases as you can from the way he handles the larger ones. On February 9, 2009, Keith Fuicelli tried the matter of Cortez v. Moran. Mr. Cortez was rear ended at a slow speed. He felt a pop in his back and, on the advice of the investigating officer, went to the emergency room in an ambulance. After that, he sought some conservative chiropractic care. Because the vehicle Mr. Cortez’s was driving sustained only minor damage, the insurance company only offered $250 to settle the case. What is surprising about this was that Mr. Cortez’s total medical expenses were over $9,000.00. Due to this ridiculously low offer, Fuicelli & Lee filed suit against the at-fault driver in County Court. After a one day trial, Mr. Cortez received a verdict that, with costs and interest, exceeded $15,000.00.
John Lee represented two individuals accused of drinking and driving under the influence of Ambien. One, a single mother in her forties with no criminal history, took her Ambien as prescribed and went to bed. She woke up in the county jail. In the meantime, she had gotten up and got behind the wheel of her car and left the house. She even left her children sleeping in the house and the garage door open. Bystanders called 911 and reported an erratic driver. The police found her crashed into a street sign, passed out behind the wheel of her car in her pajamas. Based on her behaviors, our toxicologist asserted that she was driving in her sleep and was not acting voluntarily. The District Attorney dismissed the DUI charges. In a different case, our client woke up, got her daughter ready and headed out for work. Somewhere along the way she was involved in an accident and the police found she had a very high level of Ambien in her blood. Her case went to jury trial. The jury concluded that she had ingested more Ambien while she was supposed to be sleeping, and was not acting voluntarily. As a result, the jury found her not guilty of all charges.