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Colorado Trial Lawyers

Fuicelli & Lee’s attorneys and client-focused staff are dedicated to helping clients overcome serious legal problems. We represent individuals in multiple types of personal injury cases.

While working to provide strong and effective representation in court, we also pay close attention to our clients’ individual needs. In your case, whether it is settled out of the courtroom or we take it to trial, we will be with you throughout all steps of the legal process.

Known for his fierce dedication to truth and fairness, Keith Fuicelli’s career in law began long before earning his degree. Inspired in his youth by TV shows like Law & Order and The Practice, Fuicelli always dreamed of practicing law and arguing for justice in court. He honed his natural... Read Full Bio
John Lee’s distinguished record has earned the attention of peers and governors alike, and he approaches his clients with the steady assuredness that comes only with years of experience and wins. He has conducted more than 100 trials, has handled thousands of cases, and 5280... Read Full Bio
Jessica “Jess” Cash pursued a career in law out of a strong desire to help people. First as a prosecutor and now as a personal injury lawyer, she has helped hundreds of clients seek justice and fair treatment during some of their most trying times. Cash joined Fuicelli & Lee in November 2011... Read Full Bio
Attorney Krislene Lorenz has over 20 years of complex litigation experience including homicide and felony-level sexual and physical abuse crimes committed against children. She has tried over 100 cases in front of a jury, ranging from DUI to first-degree murder of a child. Lorenz served as Read Full Bio
Lori Tolle is an experienced trial attorney that brings a “real life” orientation to her practice. As a deputy district attorney with Jefferson County for over a decade, Lori gained vast courtroom and trial experience resulting in justice for victims in cases... Read Full Bio
“For 25 years it has been my honor to fight for victims of crimes. I am excited to refocus my passion towards seeking justice for those have been injured due to another’s negligence.” Read Full Bio