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As a pedestrian, you are extremely vulnerable to injury when walking near traffic or crossing a street. Every year, hundreds of thousands of people are seriously harmed in pedestrian accidents in the United States. While some of these accidents are the fault of the pedestrian, many of these unfortunate events are caused by negligent motorists.

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Colorado State Laws for the Protection of Pedestrians

Colorado state law defines a pedestrian as any person who is walking or using a wheelchair. Just as there are laws surrounding the safe operation of motor vehicles on roads and highways, there are laws for the safety of pedestrians. And every pedestrian must obey the traffic rules that apply to them, for their safety and the safety of other road users.

Unless they are otherwise directed by a police officer, all pedestrians must obey any traffic control devices specifically for pedestrians such as “Walk” and “Don’t Walk” signals at crosswalks.

Pedestrians’ Right-of-Way in Crosswalks

  • Where there are no traffic control signals in operation, vehicle drivers are expected to slow down or stop to allow pedestrians already crossing a crosswalk to proceed.
  • Pedestrians are prohibited from making sudden entries into the path of moving vehicles in a way that can cause harm to themselves and other road users.
  • When a vehicle is stopped to allow a pedestrian to cross a roadway, other vehicles behind that vehicle are not allowed to overtake and pass the stopped vehicle.
  • Pedestrians must obey all pedestrian signals directing them to “Walk” or “Don’t Walk”.

Pedestrians Crossing at Areas Other than Crosswalks

  • When a pedestrian is trying to cross a roadway that has no marked crosswalk, the pedestrian must yield to all vehicles on the roadway.
  • At intersections where traffic control signals are in operation, pedestrians must only cross at those marked intersections.
  • Pedestrians are prohibited from crossing roadway intersections diagonally, unless they are authorized to do so by a traffic control device.

Pedestrians’ Duty to Persons With Disabilities

Pedestrians who are not in wheelchairs have a duty of care to other pedestrians with disabilities. They must take precautions to avoid any actions that may cause an accident or injury to a pedestrian with disabilities. Some indications that a person may have a disability include the use of a mobility device like a cane, assistance by a service animal, assistance by another person, or other obvious presentation of physical disability.

Drivers’ Duty to Pedestrians

While pedestrians have road user rules that they must abide by for their safety, drivers have a duty to exercise due care towards pedestrians. Drivers must avoid colliding with any pedestrian on a roadway, and can use their horn, when necessary, to warn pedestrians of danger.

Drivers must also drive cautiously if they observe children, any obviously confused or incapacitated person on the roadway, or pedestrians with disabilities.

In addition to these duties to pedestrians, Colorado state has careless and reckless driving laws that vehicle drivers must also adhere to.

Getting Compensation for Your Pedestrian Accident Injury in Denver

If you have been injured in a pedestrian accident because of the careless or reckless driving of a vehicle driver, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. If your accident was caused by a vehicle driver, the insurance company will try to blame you for the accident to reduce their liability.

If they can prove that you were partly at fault for the accident, any compensation due to you will be reduced by the percentage of fault that is attributed to you. However, having a pedestrian accident attorney who knows the law and the tactics that insurance companies can protect your interests and get fair compensation for your interests.

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