Verdicts and Settlements

Keith Fuicelli obtained this judgment for the widowed husband of a victim of a fatal motor vehicle accident (Dec. 2020)
Award for client injured by a drunk driver (2018)
Jury Verdict for client injured in car crash (May 2019)
Jury Verdict for client injured in rear-end collision (Sept. 2019)
Arbitration Award for client injured in a rear-end collision
Our client suffered a traumatic brain injury in a car accident. His underinsured motorist insurer claimed that he was fully compensated by the at-fault driver’s $25,000 in coverage. Fuicelli & Lee fought hard for this client in a Bad Faith claim, eventually settling the lawsuit for $900,000.  (2015)
In this pedestrian case, a young woman was walking across the street at a crosswalk when she was struck by a commercial vehicle. Keith negotiated her settlement from a starting offer of $400,000 up to $900,000. (2019)
Settlement for a client who was injured in a fall. This premise liability case also became a medical malpractice case when the nurse caring for our client aggravated her injuries. (2013)
Our client was injured in a motor vehicle accident requiring surgery on a rotator cuff tear. When his insurance company claimed he was fully compensated by the at-fault driver’s insurance, Keith Fuicelli filed a Bad Faith claim and settled the case for 24x the policy limits. (2018)
Fuicelli & Lee represented the ex-wife and children of a victim of a fatal motor vehicle accident in this Wrongful Death case.  (2014)
Settlement for client in a roll-over motor vehicle accident. (2019)
Client Mary B. was riding on the back of motorcycle when it was hit by another vehicle. That vehicle fled the scene. Unfortunately, Mary suffered severe injuries including a fractured hip. This injury ultimately required she undergo a complete hip replacement. After several rounds of negotiations, which started with the insurance company offering only $325,000 on her claim, Keith settled the matter for $550,000. The claim was particularly complicated in that there were several insurance policies that provided coverage.